Summer in Hornstrandir

Aurora´s favourite area in the West Fjords is the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, with its rich history and unspoilt landscapes. This rugged peninsula, just below the Arctic Circle, was inhabited by hardy farmers and fishermen for eleven hundred years until modern development in other parts of Iceland lured the last one of them away in the 1950´s.

Now flora and fauna rule unchallenged and unspoiled. There are no roads inside or into the nature reserve—the only way to venture there is by boat. Due to its remote location it is very possible to stay there for days without meeting wholesale jerseys a single soul. Doing so, you will discover the essence of remote Iceland. The fjords are deep and dramatic, marine and aviary life abound, and an abundance of silence and unexplored landscapes about for the curious and adventurous explorer.

This has for long been a favourite playground for the owners and crew of Aurora. Summer or winter the opportunities for great outdoor experiences abound. Sailing, kayaking, hiking or skiing from fjord to fjord. Quietly watching or photographing arctic foxes, seals, whales, some of the millions of birds or the lush summer flowers – there is something for everyone.

We use our expedition sailboat Aurora as our mother ship. The boat will allow us to experience new, inspiring adventures while anchoring in a different magical place each night. Here Aurora awaits us with gourmet meals, warm and comfortable bunks and friendly conversation.

On our “Hornstrandir Wild Life” tour we visit all the highlights of the area in six days. The island of Vigur is a unique place where man and nature have coexisted in balance and harmony and where thousands of birds such as Puffins, Arctic Terns and Black Guillemots come to breed during the short summer. Hesteyri has a rich history and offers opportunities for wonderful hikes to such enchanting places as Aðalvík Bay to the north. From here we will sail along the northern capes to the spectacular landscape of Hornvík Bay. Two of the largest bird-cliffs in Iceland exist here, as well as the world’s largest colonies of Guillemots and major populations of Kittiwake, Razorbill and Fulmars. This is also the kingdom of the Arctic Fox and the only place in Iceland where they are fully protected, resulting in them having a fairly relaxed temperament around humans. There are ample opportunities for shorter or longer walks ashore and we normally also carry a few kayaks so people can enjoy paddling on the calm fjords.

But in addition to these scheduled trips we do many special charters for people with different interests:

  • Yacht-supported scuba-diving trips where we focus on diving with the seabirds as well as explore wrecks of sunken fishing boats.
  • Mothership sea-kayaking where we spend all day paddling our kayaks but use Aurora as mothership to come back to every evening.
  • Trail-running trips where we use traditional routes across the mountains and hills of Hornstrandir to run while Aurora moves, ready to receive the group on new locations every Benessere night.
  • Photography tours with guidance of expert photographers. Taking advantage of the University beautiful summer light and the abundant historical remains and wildlife.
  • Wildlife watching AGB where we bring along expert wildlife specialists such as Arctic Fox researchers.
  • Actually the possibilities are endless:  rock climbing, surfing, stand-up paddling, history etc etc.  Drop us a line and we´ll come up with a plan…