Autumn feast in the Fjords

Autumn feast in the Fjords

Explore autumn in the Westfjords of Iceland onboard our sailboat Arktika

In 2018, for the first time we will offer the opportunity to join us on a gourmet trip through the Westfjords of Iceland. Autumn is a particularly beautiful period with the northern lights, a sprinkle of fresh snow on the mountain tops and a variety of colours in the landscape. An Abundance of seals swim in the fjords with a chance to spot dolphins, minke and humpback whales. Additionally, nowhere in the world is the Arctic Fox population as dense, so we will seek out encounters with these friendly creatures.

This trip will place a special emphasis on eating great local food. Experiences include a visit to a local farmer to grab a fresh leg of lamb, fishing for cod in the fjords, and picking mussels. There will most likely still be some good bilberries and blueberries left in the hills to pick for fresh, homemade pies and pancakes.

There won’t any fixed itinerary for these trips, we’ll simply decide on the spot where to go, depending on the weather and opportunities that arise. The general area will be Isafjardardjup and Jokulfirdir fjords, in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. There will be the potential to see Drangajokull glacier and visit a hot spring. We’ll explore the fjords in the boat, on kayaks, SUP’s and on foot, but Arktika won’t be far away, waiting with a warm meal and a dry bunk.

There are no roads in the Hornstrandir nature reserve — the only way to venture there is by boat. Due to its remote location, it is very possible to stay there for days without meeting a single soul. Doing so, you will discover the essence of remote Iceland. The fjords are deep and dramatic, with rich marine and aviary life, and an abundance of silence and unexplored landscapes for the curious and adventurous explorer.

We’ll allow plenty of time for photography during day and at night.

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